Concerning Starting New Threads,,,,,

You can’t start a new thread after you have posted anything on any other thread that day.

In other words,If you want to start a new thread do it before posting anything, and do it just after you sign in that day.

It’s just the way it is. It’s been that way. It’s not changing.

It says you posted in the “ADMIN look here please” thread about 5 hours ago. So, how did you manage posting a new thread the same day?


Robinette’s Bend Forward

I know what Rider is saying. Sometimes the site works as it should. Sometimes not so good.

It is my hope that CFC can recover from the damage done by the trouble makers . I do not miss the vile name calling and insulting posters

There are at least 3 different “time stamps” on this broken down biotch. If I remember correctly the day changes on this forum at noon eastern I think, maybe 11 or even 1 during daylight savings time.

For instance, one timestamp says areeldrag posted his new MLK thread 21 minutes ago, yet look at the bottom of the forums page and it says he posted 3 hours ago. There is another time when PM’s are posted and read too.

Just try posting new threads before replying to others. I only posted this thread so I could just c&p the link every time it comes up, which is all the friggin time.

So anyway, just try it if you really need to post a thread.

Mixed, what ef said. You can’t go by any time stamps on this sight. I’ve seen mine all wrong. Besides If some are like me, I’ve got this sight logged in from a couple of PC’s, laptops, and my phone. I rarely sign out on any of them.

I do agree with what he said on posting a new thread before you reply or even look at any thread. That’s the ONLY way I’ve been able to post. Not that it really matters anymore. This place is a rotting Dinosaur.

So check this out,

I did a screenshot and wanted to point out a couple things, well 3 really.

In the pic below you will see where it says I posted 5 minutes ago, three hours ago, and some other stuff.

But the main thing you should pay attention to is the lead character in the address bar. (see the triangle thing) If you are not clearing your cookies and stopping all the re-directs in your preferences you’ve already been “had” and there’s really no telling of the exact “when or where” when you get redirected so many times.

anyway, check it out for yourselves and stay safe out there

I use Firefox, and don’t see the triangle with the exclamation point? Only a shield saying “No Trackers known to Firefox were detected on this page”. Not sure of the relevance of it?


Robinette’s Bend Forward

Firefox is a great browser as far as security goes. Chrome too, as both have built-in tracker blocking features to block trackers and scripts such as social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, fingerprinting, redirects, and crypto miners.

You are safer than users of safari, edge, android, Lynx, Internet explorer, etc…

look at that big brain on you…