Congaree Boat Landings

Does anyone know who is in charge of maintenance at the two landings on the Congaree? Maybe it’s too much for a taxpayer to ask, and I know the floods were historic, but to me, it is disgraceful. I have tried City of Cola, and Richland Co parks, but haven’t even found a person to talk to. Rosewood in manageable, and will get better with more use and rain, but one lane is completely blocked, full of mud. The ramp has a picnic table under it, so not a real safe walk. The ramp by 77 is closed, and the floating docks are basically destroyed. So now to fish the Congaree during striper season, we are down to one piece of $h!t ramp, and a terrible parking lot which is all tore up. Is this something we have to take on ourselves, maybe do a fundraiser to get fixed, or what?

Total failure of government IMHO!

Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.

Barney Jordan ramp is managed by Richland County
Bates Bridge ramp is managed by SCDOT
Thomas Newman ramp is managed by city of Cayce

I emailed the city of Cayce regarding the reopening of the Cayce ramp. They told me that they are working with DNR to remove the docks so that the ramp can be reopened, but that it would take an Army Corps of Engineer permit just to do that. Long term they are planning to redesign the ramp with better parking, lights, etc. So in a nutshell I won’t be planning on using the Cayce ramp this spring, but will instead fight the crowds at Barney Jordan.

I assume Barney Jordan is Rosewood? Where is Bates Bridge, hwy 601?

Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.

You are correct sir.

Red tape these days is a joke.

The landing in Cayce is useable the dock isn’t
I guess we are too stupid to see that so they close it all off

The muddy side of the Rosewood landing could be cleared in a few minutes with a backhoe or skid steer but it will take the government morons a year and $100000.00 to get started.

Well they cleaned up Rosewood. At least they did something. Parking lot and floating dock are still a mess, but baby steps I guess.

Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.