Congrats to Shawn Gearheart Lake World tournament

We wanted to say good job to Shawn for taking the big fish prize during Lake World’s catfish tourney this past Saturday night. Shawn and most all the participants had coolers full of nice fish. All unwanted fish were donated to Red Bank United Methodist Church for a fish fry. It seemed all had a good time, I hope so, we sure enjoyed ourselves. Congratulations Shawn!

Can you list the winning weights?

Thanks guys, y’all run great tournaments and we look forward to them every year! I must give credit to the team, Nuno Felix and Woody Barnes make a merry crew for the catfish tournaments. Nuno was on the rod and I believe Woody got it in the net. We caught a ton of fish but the average size was a little off what it had been. We went through all 11 dozen bait we had by about 4 AM and ended up catching more around 5:30.

1st Place had around 74#
2nd and 3rd tied for overall weight and their big fish so they split the price. They had 63.2# I believe. Dean Preston was one of the two that split this prize.
We had 62# total…dag nabbit. Oh well, big fish(11.8# I think) was a nice payout so no complaints here. Looking forward to the next one.