Contender 23T or Regulator 23FS / 24FS

Any of you guys here in Charleston run these boats. I am in the market and would like to check out the layouts on these boats before I make the drive to see some of the active listings on the market (out of town). Would be much appreciated. I can pay in beer for the favor. PM me. Thanks.

Been on both–I like the ride of the Regulator better. Although I’m not sure if the 23’s were the “T” or not…is that the stepped hull or something?

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T stands for Tournament I believe…

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think 23t is for kingfish tourneys, really like a 26… for the 23 and under division ska

i made this up but i think it’s true

Reg all the way. I do not like the rise of contenders. Reg is also built for big water, I feel contender just claims they are. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with you purchase.

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The 23T contender is a nice boat. I ran a conteneder for years(sold it.) Its waterline is 23 feet so that it can run in the 23 and under cat in the SKS. The overall boat length is about 25 feet. I think Contender discontinued the 23T didnt they? They are making the 25T now I believe.

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Looked into it…I used to fish in the normal 23’ Contender. I also used to go in the 23’ Regulator. Felt like the Reg had a better ride by a good bit and was drier.

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If you ever want a ride on my 23 reg pm me and you can see for yourself.

I ran a 23 Regulator to the northeast canyons for two years,you wont believe the ride ,take up dinnertime on his offer,go for a ride on a sporty day,you will be on a high.:smiley:


Go alot of good info.:smiley: