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Wow, how pathetic! Members of this twisted site are now complaining about Christmas lights, and discussing how to shoot another man’s pet dog. Way to kick off the holiday season!

OTC,you ever thought about little children enjoying Christmas lights? Did you ever hear the story of an autistic kid, named Kaitlyn De Jesus , that had never spoken more than 2 words, until her mother took her to see the neighbors Christmas light display? Look it up, you need to read it.

NN, if you want to enjoy your property and that nice equipment you’ve purchased, I’d forget quickly about shooting another man’s dog. Best advice I can give you is to find a good fence contractor or find the rightful owners of the dogs passing through your property. I’m assuming those dogs were there before you came along? Have you ever experienced the results of a pound of sugar being placed in the fuel tank of a tractor? You just might find out how co$tly it would be if you’re on the WWW , discussing how to shoot pet dogs. Have you witnessed what a .22 round will do to the bones of dog?

Y’all want more members to stick around? Back off of the violent and grumpy content.

Lastly, y’all try to enjoy the holiday season, it’s all about getting family together and enjoying the peace.

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Good morning Bob.
Don’t have a problem with people putting up Christmas lights. Don’t have a problem with these places that you have to pay to go look at the Christmas lights.
My 14-year-old granddaughter has autism. She is in a regular class because the school does not have funding for special tutoring or help for her. The money the city and county spends on lights in Effingham county could surely provide a teacher & a class for these children.

Does this cold weather have the big crappy moving? Or does it give them lockjaw??
semper Fi…


Got my lights and tree up Sunday and got conned from a Instagram commercial to get a tree ornament made from a picture of my wife holding a a big redfish. It looks awesome on the Ad. it’s 3d. If it actually comes in i’ll post it. only $25 shipped

Why are you addressing this to me?

OTC,you ever thought about little children enjoying Christmas lights? Did you ever hear the story of an autistic kid, named Kaitlyn De Jesus , that had never spoken more than 2 words, until her mother took her to see the neighbors Christmas light display? Look it up, you need to read it.

Not being a smart-@$$ just responding to your comment.

And what about the fish?

What comment? Are you drunk. Never made a comment on lights.

Yep maybe I need to learn to read.
And put my glasses on

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Its all good OTC

I feel yer pain on the specs! :grinning:

Seee, conned is negative, for perspective, how many times have you been “conned” on the Net?

Bolbie, a VERY good post indeed.

Thanks for defending TRADITIONS, and decency to animals. I agree that shooting pet animals even with BB guns, is far too harsh action, but being raised in the country, I have seen a LOT of that in my childhood, so sad.

I won’t harm those or any other dogs on my land. Was really talking more trash than anything. I already sent pics to couple of neighbors, not theirs.

If they were to have come up friendly while I was there, I would be tempted to pet and treat well. Other than the thought that it may promote them coming back.

First time on the cameras, so hopefully, not often.

Bolbie, have you been thru the sugar thing in the tank?? That would suck for sure. Insurance and plenty of cameras is a good thing.

Sorry, Bolbie, but do you celebrate Christmas, put up a tree and decorate on your property??


Forgot to mention an important point! I will be setting several traps for coyotes and bobcats. If you were one of those and had a choice over getting spanked, or the leg trap, what would you prefer?? Have to check every 24hrs…just sayin! They will also enjoy the catch stick for safe removal.


I read the article about Kaitlyn…
Think it was a miracle from God…

And this is where face to face conversation the whole context would be different. I see OTC point on the wasted money doing the lights so early. I don’t think anyone was really ripping down the forest mad about it. Just a conversation. On the Dog thing. I can not control what others do, And I’m not shooting anyone’s dog, even with a bb gun. (I killed a neighbors when I was little with one, really felt horrible). Just putting out general information. DoubleN let us all know he’s not going to kill anyone’s dog.

We talk about SATAN in schools and get the left more Riled up over keeping a dog from wondering on a Neighbors property. I’d say the rifling up would not be so much face to face. Just some loving Trolling and inciting discord.

I had a neighbors dog constantly coming into my yard. My dog had an gravity feeder on the porch and the little dog would slip between the fence slats . I had it enough so I got out my cast net and caught the little bugger He was crying like he lost his momma. I untangled him and had a talk with him about trespassing He stayed on his side of the fence after that

If I ever see a flea bitten mongrel I’m calling the FIB

Every person owning or having possession, charge, care, custody, or control of any animal shall keep such animal exclusively upon his own premises; provided, however, that, any such animal may be off such premises if the animal is restrained by a chain or leash or other means of adequate physical control, provided, however, that, when any animal destroys or damages any property, attacks, threatens to attack, or interferes with any person in any manner, becomes a nuisance, or strays onto the private property of another, there shall be a presumption of law that the animal was not restrained by a chain or leash or other means of adequate physical control. Any animal not in an enclosed or fenced area, except as otherwise provided in section 5-4, must be leashed at all times.

That is all

Had a neighbor that would let their dog run amok. She would let him out and he would make a beeline right straight to my bike if it was outside. And pi$$ on my $1,500 rim.
After several conversations with her and her husband / boyfriend whatever things didn’t change. I popped him in the @$$ with a BB gun. That was the last time I had that problem.
No worse than a good swat across the @$$. I’ve been shot many a time with a BB gun no big deal.

And as far as the lights the city county and state put up usually not that pretty anyway. Far better things could be done with that money.
Totally support individuals putting up their own lights.

“You could get a blister and a bad infection”
John Candy at wally world

Nothing like not having pets but stepping in dog :poop: on your property to foster better relations with neighbors

I don’t have much of a problem with tax funded Christmas lights compared to tax funded speed trap and red light cameras

Stepping in dog poo is pretty bad but cat crap is on an entire higher order of magnitude of absolute toxic grossness (besides spreading toxoplasmosis). Nothing like working in an ornamental garden and accidentally sticking your hands in nasty cat turds. Never mind that the cats perch under my bird feeders and I find a trail of feathers strewn along the ground. My latest dog is pretty good at keeping feral and stray cats out of our fenced back yard. There needs to be ban on feral assault cats and their toxic fecal poo.