Convicts Busted

Early bird gets the worm, or in this case, gets the fish. We were the first ones to the landing and I had a feeling… turns out the feeling was right. Slipped out to the nearshore reef to do a little something different this trip. Seas were a little washy early but settled down nicely, then as the sun came out it got almost hot.

Dropped everything we had to em and they ate it all. Caught a little bit of everything but the sand fleas and shrimp did the best. Not sure how many we got in the boat, maybe 15, but we missed a lot more than we landed too. Water was 52-54. Was fun to do something I haven’t done in years and was a first for the wife too. Back home and cleaned up by 3!

This guy was so heavy I had to lay him on my leg for the picture that my buddy took with his camera way out of focus haha


Great looking haul there!

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Wow what a great day.

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Stump, not looking for specific reef, but how far out and what depth? That’s some awesome photos. I’ve got a 186 sportsman and looking to take it out of the rivers a little ways. Looking at Epirbs and sea tow or towboatus. So far I’ve had it in some ruff chop coming across Fripp and Hunting Island back up St. Helena’s sound. Stayed mostly dry. I know I can run it hard for a little over a 100 miles with a 1/4 tank left. I know… pick your days and be prepared for the worst. If I can get ahold of my old buddy in Beaufort, we has some pretty good numbers on live bottom.

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Good thinking on the epub or plb.
Read an article a couple years ago. couple boys out of Florida we’re fishing about a mile offshore. They’re boat broke down they didn’t have enough anchor rope or something and they drifted out to sea. They were found something like 45 days later one of the guys that died.
ACR has some plb for around $299.
The big thing is the replacement batteries are only around $100 and you can replace them yourself. Most other devices the batteries are around $300 and they have to be professionally installed. Five year battery life on most everything. And you can only change the battery one time.
I keep a ditch bag on the boat with a pob, handheld radio, compass and some starburst flares.
I prefer tow boat over Sea tow. Just because I believe there are more tow boat companies between North Carolina and Florida.

Garmin In Reach is worth looking at too, works by text, and will allow texts by satellite to family also, very good IMO, and reasonable price too.

Agree on Towboat US too. Being an ‘old salt’ you will be good to go.

Great report. I’m jealous - can’t figure out sheepshead.

Were you fishing on wreck, artificial reef or just live bottom?

Are you putting the bait on the bottom or up in the water above the structure?

How do you keep the pesky bsb’s off the hook?

Any help would be appreciated.

I honestly dont know what it was, but land was within sight. I’ll probably only every go offshore offshore again to take the wife when shes ready to go trolling or something. I dont care to go out there too much since my heydays.

We drifted around the Charleston bouy until the bottom lit up, then we dropped anchor and baits Carolina style with 40lb leader ans an Oz of lead with 3/0 light wire circles and 2/0 mosquitos. The sea bass were annoying around every 4th catch or so, maybe one was a keeper the whole time. When the bite seemed to let up we let more rope out and kept baits in the water, bumpin bottom.

I was as surprised as anyone at our success, not gonna lie, this isnt usually my style of fishing. But hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And a day we had! HTH

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Great report Stump, y’all crushed it!

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Thanks for the response! The most successful fishermen are those that get to go often. There are days as you know they will bite a bare hook or you are able to catch a cobia on a Reid’s fried chicken leg bone. (meat picked clean of course, can’t waste good fried chicken)


That sure sounds like Charleston Nearshore Reef. (PA-25)

There are several different “spots” called Charleston Nearshore, but they are relatively close, and consist of different structure, from Reef Balls, to Cooper River bridge rubble.

Lat. 32* 32’ 54" N (32.54833)
Lng. 79* 49’ 32" W (-79.67542)

Those numbers should get you in the ball park.

I’ve fished the Nearshore several times, but nothing like Stump posted.

What a day, Stump!

One question? Hard to tell from the pic. Is that an ARS, or Vermillion?
I’m assuming you were in 30/40 feet deep water? I’ve never caught either that shallow?

Correct on the depths. As far as the red fish, we caught 4 total, I told everyone they were ARS but that’s just my best guess. Not sure on the little colorful guy either, figured it’s a grunt or snapper, maybe, they did grunt or crunch his jaws some, but I don’t know.

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I’m going home this afternoon for doctor’s appointments tomorrow.
Figured how to play hooky & goto the nearshore Friday out of Little River.
Nope Friday’s forecast is 10 to 15 with Gust at 30. Seas 3 to 5 ft.
Oh well guess just come back go to work.

And of course it looks like a pond today

nice day, stump! they are ARS for sure, and the CHS nearshore is arguably on the 3 mile line…

OTC i am looking at a flat harbor this morning and it’s killing me too, zero days in the forecast period after this. 2’ at 10 secs later today out there.

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Well…i think the world will be out there now looking for some fun! I’m just glad they all let you hook one or two as well! Nice trip for sure

Nice catch withe the sheeps and Blackdrum