Cool stuff around our world

My wife is a Cogswell several generations back.


I love that old timey stuff
Keep it coming
I remember the milkman but he just left it on the steps
They always said I resembled him.haha

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Grandma always said I looked like the mailman?

Go figure…:thinking:

As close as I got to the water this weekend… sort of went for a dip, well the truck did anyway.

My very first self edited video, enjoy!

This fell out of the ceiling, on a kitchen demo, I’m working on.

Any of you old enough remember these?

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Not me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is that a steel can?
If not I would say late seventies.

It’s aluminum. EF1 sent me a link yesterday, describing that the production of the pull off tabs ceased in '75.

I was guessing late '70’s too.

Found in a shell bank in the harbor last year after a huge tide

I’d take that High Life over the Bud heavy today or 50 years ago

blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop top
Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home

There’s booze in the blender, and soon it will render, that frozen concoction that helps me hang on…

Found this on the same demo.

Any of you remember this?

Someone will know, we’ll just have to weight and see.

Cool find

Seed/grain scale

Could be?

I’ve always known it as a Cotton Scale?

Or tobacco

Barn scale

Cats can swim…

That was bad azz! That thing didn’t know what it was getting into haha