Cool stuff around our world

There’s some neat pictures on this Twitter account

This is downtown Greenville

I’ve passed that building hundreds of times. Never seen it from that perspective.

Greenville is an awesome city to visit

That’s from the roof across the street. It looks like cooler from up there than it does from the street

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Dang you OTC! You co-opted my thread!

That’s a cool pic though

I think this is one of the coolest statues around

Some folks are just talented

Cool short videos from Alabama

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Greenville did a great job in the revitalization. The Reedy River Park is a great place

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Holy City stuff is pretty cool too

I don’t miss the old rollercoaster bridge

Me either, especially pulling a boat!

Has anyone been stopped on the new bridge? I remember traffic coming to a halt on the oldest bridge due to an accident.We got out of the truck while we waited and I was surprised at how much that bridge swayed in the breeze.

That bridge definitely moves when you get stopped on it

A swimming turkey

and a chicken lover

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When the bridge was first completed, it was open to pedestrians only for a few days. One windy day, my wife and I walked across and you could really feel the sway. What was really crazy was standing by the metal tooth joints and watching and hearing the bridge move.

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Nice pictures

Good voice, I admire people that can sing well

You country folks will understand…

Rubber bands not included…
That always used to make me cringe :grimacing:

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I’ve been crapped on, kicked and trampled but the calf always got the worst of it.

I’ve got 500 rubber bands in the refrigerator. Let’s get to Work! You hold em and I’ll band em. I always thought this should be the first thing done to a convicted rapist.