Cooler full of reds

I and a few other families live on a remote, small salt water creek. We seldom see any “strangers” on the creek. HOWEVER, we are lately being visited by a couple of scarily looking dudes in a beat-up old boat. They fish the 200 yards of our hood’s docks and boat 12 to 20 fish per visit. On top of the overfishing, they don’t have any numbers on their boat. We are not sure how to handle this breach of law and decorum. Any suggestions?


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SCDNR has a program for just such problems. It’s called “Operation Game Thief”, and you might receive a cash reward, as well as getting these poachers off of the water.

First, I’ll need to know the exact location of this creek. You can PM me the info, lol.

But seriously, 20 fish could be a legal catch.

The title of the thread leads me to think they were all spottails.

If its a mix of reds, trout, sheeps, toads, or whatever it still could be a legal catch.

Just playing devils advocate, especially with the unmarked boat, but be sure of your facts.

I’d call DNR and ask their advice. They’ll straighten it out and you don’t have to be involved, unless you wanted to be, then do like Mixed said.

I’m pretty much a rule follower anymore

If nothing else, their bots must display legible registration numbers. Can you get any good pics?

You can only get into our creek at half high tide or better. You also must leave before low tide. Lets just say we have a plan.

Keep us posted!

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My experience with DNR has always been disappointing. They are severely lacking the desire to really help unless there are blatant violations. They may also want you to provide evidence like pictures.

Like a lot of LEOs today, they tend to look after the criminals’ rights more than the law breaking. It’s hard to blame them, but it makes being a law abiding citizen very frustrating at times.

My advice would be to not doing anything in the “grey” area of the law. It may back fire on you. You could also get a ticket for impeding someone’s right to fish/hunt. Yes that’s a real thing. Call them when you see the violations and let them handle it.