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Im having a hard time finding a cooler for the back of the yak. Right now I have one with a 13"x9" bottom, but I’m in need of a cube shaped one so I can take home that 23" fish. I’m trying to find a cube shaped one 13"x13"bottom is about the ideal fit. Not looking for high end. If anyone has picked up a coleman or iglooish type around here this size please let me know. I’m having a hard time online finding something. I’m really wanting a cube shape for fish. Thanks

Take a look at those white Igloo Marine coolers…they have a lot of different sizes. I have their 25-quart model that I can fit sideways in my Hobie Outback’s tankwell.

thanks for the idea. but I hate the idea of flippin the cooler.

this is the probably the absolute best thing to use for kayak space saving, stack em vertical. Should have though of this before. only like a 12" radius. hate the orange but o well.

I was going to suggest a jug cooler like that too :smiley: That would probably suit your needs…

just pony up for the Yeti Roadie. It’s worth every penny.

I don’t know about cube shaped coolers. I have a 36qt Coleman Marine cooler. It fits in the back of My Ride 135 or Hobie Adventure with a little room to spare. The bottom measure 19" x 12". Full of ice I can carry it by myself and it will keep ice for about three days. They are $30.00 online.


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Get you a Polar Bear cooler they are great, 24 pack size can hold a lot of fish.

I found this cooler sitting next to a dumpster a few years ago. It has taken a lot of beatings, but duct tape heals all cooler wounds! When I started kayak fishing, I attached some PVC pipe pieces to it for use as rod holders, and they come in handy on a boat too. I have put two 22 1/2" reds in it at once, and still had room for my beer. I’m not sure how many quarts it is, but it’s about 18"X12" for the footprint. Anyway, if I flip over and it disappears, I’m not out much. :sunglasses:

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Are you strictly just wanting a way to keep a fish? Or are you going to be putting drinks in it as well?

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I had a collapsible soft cooler which I put in the bow hatch of my Ride 135 that did the trick. It would n’t hold ice for days but did just fine and was out of the way when I wasn’t rooting around in it.

I use the Fishpond Drifter Boat Cooler and it fits perfectly in the back of my Ride 13.5 It is a soft sided cooler but has a hard bottom.

I put a bag on the front. Precision Pak makes several sizes. Medium works great for reds. Dump a 10# bag of ice in it and then add the fish as you catch them.

Check out AO coolers, you won’t regret it! (I personally have both the polar bear and the AO, and the AO is a better made cooler with better insulation!)


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Those AOs look nice. Who sells them locally? I see west marine but im guess they want $$$. Thanks