Coolio …………

He gone …………………………………

Psycho Killahhhhhhh in the house

Lo and Behold

Coolio in Gangsta Paradise

'sup C?

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New fone, who dis

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Jus trolling the inter web waiting on the rain to stop
Thought we killed this place long ago. Sure looks different!!! See some of the same knuckleheads are still around

How you??
I’m good. Still living the high life off the trust fund.
Seems everyone has become domesticated. Saw Beer Buzz the other night. Good times!

The greatest trout fisherman on the east coast :smiley:

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Sweet, glad to see you above the high water mark.

Every few weeks another has-been staggers back in, its been fun

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Whoooolio? Welcome back P-K

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PK ICYM. we in the thick of it

You’ve probably heard this one… just didn’t know who sang it. Don’t matter if you’re black or white… slide slide… One of the rappers you could actually understand. Other than that or these two songs I don’t know diddly about him.

You here this one a lot on tic toc background…

How about all that? Im hoping to see some Strider in the playoffs!

Yall doing ok_?

My bro in law started a couple of radio stations in Georgia.
I had the pleasure of meeting Coolio at a party in Macon of all places, Really nice cat. Very polite and respectful. You could tell he was well read and smart