Cooper River camping

Good day to everyone. Does anybody know if there is any place to primitive camp on the Cooper? I camp a lot on the fresh rivers. We basiically find a nice spot on the bank to pitch a tent as a home base to fish for a few days. I like to fish Yellowhouse area. Any help would be appreciated. We are very conscious about the environment & always leave it better than we found it.

Not the Cooper, but Cat Island above hwy 41 (on the Wando River) is a popular spot for people to camp. After you pass 41, if coming from the direction of the Harbor, its an island on your left. If its a nice weekend, you may have company there though. Its plenty big enough to have several people camping out there.

I’m not sure what the laws are about building camp fires on an island like that, so you may want to check DNR/local laws.