Cooper River Rice Fields??

Where do you start? Holy crap, what a massive expanse of water!

Would love to get some ideas/tips from you guys who know the fishery (not spots as I’m not daring to ask that) but situations instead to look for.

Things like tide info that’s favorable, where to have the boat, fishing current or staying out of it, high or low, etc.

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated as we look to start learning this fishery which is pretty daunting at first glance. It’s not lake fishing by any means and we have no idea how to read these conditions. Thanks for any and all help, very much appreciated!

Chuck D
2018 Pathfinder 2300 HPS
Yamaha 250 SHO

I would also love some tips for the cooper. Always difficult for me to fish it seems. Best luck I have had is outgoing tide in the main channel where the rice fields drain to the river. I cast into the edge of the rice field and let the bait go with the current. Usually can catch a few where the fields drop off into the main channel. Nothing big but something.

Fish the ditches/channels along the edges of the fields. I like fishing the tide about half way out till about half way coming back in. Low tide fish along the drop offs where the fields edges are, which helps you learn where wood structure is.

Night fishing with top water during summer months can be pretty good too…and a LOT less boat traffic then too.