copahee hat trick 7/13

Got a little wet this morning but the fish didn’t seem to care! 21" lady fish, a first for me. 18" red (more on that to come)32" red and a 20.5" trout. Ok… So caught a nice little slot red and thought umm dinner! put it on my stringer and off I go… about 15 min later I see a porpoise cruz by and don’t think a thing about it. 2 min later my yak gets brutally yanked out from underneath me and I take a major face plant right onto the bow of my boat… then I get jerked 90* to my left and pulled backwards about 20 feet with water poring in over the back of the boat, and then… it was over as fast as it started. My fedfish dinner ended up being a porpoise breakfast. note to self and others DONT hang a redfish off the back of you boat!!! A lesson learned the hard way. Tight lines TD

So I did think it would be a good idea to use a stringer for my caught fish while kayaking, but then I remembered bull sharks totally take fish people catch. Thanks for also letting me know that a porpoise will, too. That must have been a startling few moments. Great story to tell, though!

Holy chit…congrats on the fish but that was one hell of an experience - glad you are ok!

Holy crap!

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What a wake up call! would have made a great video.


What great story…Were you using a fly rod for all the catches?

That’s crazy I would have crapped my britches!

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No… all fish on the spinning rig with a rebel pop-r top water popper. It was my first day out with the new fly rod. My fly fishing skills are a little rusty so I just took it out for a few cast and to get to know it a little better. The whole porpoise thing really was one of the most bizarre fishing experiences I have ever had… If it weren’t for my pontoons I would have been in the water for sure!! I am from a small town north of Seattle Wa and I truly am a stranger in a strange land. I have just started to fish for Reds in the last few months and I must say I am having the time of my life. I have Redfish on the brain in the worst way… Its all I ever think about LOL!!! Wishin I was fishin… Tight lines TD

At least it was flipper and not Bruce. Glad to hear the top water bite was good. Great story!

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Wow! I didn’t think of porpoise’s doing that, I’m glad you’re okay. I’ve always enjoyed fighting a big ladyfish, they put on a show!

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