coPilot or iPilot

I am finally going to break down and get a new trolling motor. I have decided on the bow mount but wanted to get opinions on whether you all feel the iPilot of worth it when fishing inshore creeks (shem creek, hobcaw, all around sullivans, iop) ?
The wireless remote is what is selling me. I think I would use the SpotLock while sitting at the bridges, but not sure I will need to spend the extra money if I am bouncing around from the docks and going up and down the creeks ?
Any thoughts ?

The spot lock will ruin you.
I haven’t put out an anchor in years.

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I can’t believe they still have the option of no ipilot.
Pretty sure rhodan has no option for a non gps controlled motor.
If you are starting from scratch with buying batteries, charger, etc. then the trolling motor cost is 40-60 percent of the package. Do it right and get the ipilot.


An Ipilot is probably the best boat purchase for a fisherman there is. It’s like having a 3rd person doing exactly what you tell them to do by means of keeping your boat in position. The heading sensor puck is a must IMO as well. The jog feature is the sh*t! Get one and get on the water! I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to get mine.

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Same here, only used my anchor once since I got my new boat with spot lock. Love it & it is well worth the extra money.

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[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]

Another great feature is the North button. You can set your speed against the current and hit north and the motor stays on that line even when the wind pushes you off it re calibrates all the time. I absolutely love that feature for beating oyster rakes when the summer pattern is here.
But, I use it year round. That also has a route “learn” feature where you can fish a point in the learn mode and come back later that day or week or whatever and run the same route at the same speed with that learned trail. It’s not that useful with a six foot tide but it’s great in freshwater.