Cost of electricity

I just did some interesting computations. I got my June power bill and compared June of 2021 to June 2022. I broke it down to cost per KW hour. Guess what folks, my/our price per KW has gone up 7.4% over the last year. Does the PUC have any say so about this?

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Good place to look, assuming you are on them. Used to have place in Bft is why I mention that.

I’m guessing you are probably on Rate 8…These rates effective May 2022. You could try to find last years rates as well. Notice the difference between Summer and Winter rates…

Also, fuel cost increases, I believe can be passed along to customers. Not talking about for vehicles, but generation. Public should receive notification of this prior to being implemented.

PSC has to approve rates.

Hope this helps. No, I don’t work for them.


Last second thought. Check your bill and make sure you are on the correct rate plan!!!

Stuff happens.

I was just searching for current inflation rate and it’s still sitting at 8.6% In MAY. I call total B.S. Take into account Groceries, electricity, Transportation, Rent, Housing, cleaning supplies, Toiletries, Gas/fuel, prescription drugs, Insurance, Health care, Entertainment, Restaurants, + everything else and I’m figuring 16-18% average increase…

16 to 18 is definitely more realistic.
Hell look at housing and vehicles.

Blame Putin. If he just hadn’t invaded Ukraine…

At the rate my power flickers and at times goes out, Dominion should pay me.

Yep, rate number 8. I am looking into this a little further. I will let ya’ll know what I find.


With some energy saving steps, you can get re-classified as rate 6 for additional savings.

I just submitted an application are you currently on it and how’s the savings?

Along with all LED conversion, I’m using less kWh. Rate 6 is $0.1201 for first 800 then $0.1313 thereafter

Just got notice that I didn’t qualify got a 14 seer system and you must have a 16. Still gotta feed the monster.