Costa 580P lenses

These lenses fit Costa, Tuna Alley, frames.

They’re new, never worn. I had prescription lenses put in my new frames.

Free to a frequent poster, or a new member.

Just kidding, if you can use them they’re yours.

I can submit a better pic, if needed.

Woah, no way!

Happy to Venmo you for shipping, or I can mail you a prepaid box. PM me if nobody else has yet, please!

Side note, I just bought my first readers at Walmart this week, ■■■■ if I haven’t needed them for a while. Guess I got used to squinting at the tiny hole in a 10lb fluoro clinch knot for too long

Old me… for effect


They’re yours…:joy:

I got your PM on your address.

Let me get Kool to send them to you, and make sure they work out.

No compensation necessary!

Maybe we can share a pull of Jim Beam one day. That’s close enough for me.

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Would be my pleasure, thank you!

Now you know where I am, please holler if you’re nearby.


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Cheers to you!

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Caught myself force focusing to loop an eyelet for the first time about a month ago… guess it’s coming for me too. Im a little surprised it took this long tbh, I’m literally the only one not in glasses in my entire family, not even exaggerating. We do eye tests at work and im due for my check up soon… we’ll see how that goes… great lol

The clic it reader glasses are really good.

When I first started using “cheaters” I’d go to dollar tree where they are a buck or two at the most a pair. Get a few strengths and see whats best for what you are doing.

Get stronger ones for the tackle box and weaker ones for reading and computer work. You tend to hold the hooks close when you tie them and read at arms length away.

“See” you later?


It’s hard to find tinted readers.

Especially anything half way affordable. The one’s above Kool got me for fifteen bucks, for two pairs, on Amazon.

While I was waiting on my reader lenses to be put into my new frames.

Nice thing to do MN!

As for those readers at the bottom, I love Sunclouds (Smith Optics) and found that they have reader sunglasses. Game changer! I have a pair I wear all the time and just ordered another pair to take on vacation.

Yes, thank you again Mixed!

Appreciate the info on better readers- I definitely got the cheapest thing Walmart had at 1.25x because the eye doctor said to start there. Only doc I’ve been to in years, been wearing contacts for 3 decades and barely needed another MD since then. This too shall pass.

Will definitely check out the Clic It’s, Sunclouds, and Amazon offerings. Onward and upward!

@barbawang, Kool will have your lenses in the mail tomorrow.

Just to be clear, I use single vision lenses, as opposed to bifocals.

Bifocals, well, they just don’t work in a construction environment.

Too many times I’ve become confused on where the bottom of a ladder really is, while looking down, with bifocals.

They just don’t work for me.

Bifocal readers is what you, mostly , get when looking for "tinted readers’.

Awesome, thank you both!

Greatly appreciate the input on near vision from everybody too, this is new for me and I know it’ll help

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@barbawang, lenses are on their way.

Sent them UPS, and are securely packaged, and insured.

Hope they work out for you!!

One thing, your address showed up as a Charleston zip code, instead of the location you specified? Hope it’s all good.

Should arrive in 2-5 business days.

PM received, thank you sir!

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My 1/3 acre might be county, but we ain’t city!

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