Costa Fathom - warranty question

I’ve had my Costa Fathoms for 2 years now and the gummy “comfort grip” has started coming off. There are a few other models with this grip on them, too.

My question is to any of you who experienced this same thing and sent them in for warranty repair. Did they fix the glasses for free (excluding the $10 shipping charge)? From their website, it looks like you won’t know if there’s a charge until you send them in. Also, what was the turn-around time? Thanks.

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That is right. They look it over and charge accordingly. I’ve had great service with them. Others will disagree. The most I’ve ever been charged was $60.00 and I gat a brand new pair of frames/lens. If you are in Charleston go to Jackson-Davenport first.

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just fill out the online form, print & mail. takes about 3 weeks. most i’ve been charged is 13.00 for shipping. i’ll 2nd jackson dav.

I just had a pair of Fathoms come back in the mail today from repair. They will not charge you for the gum repair, if you have other repairs that are needed as well they will email you and ask for permission before carrying out the repair. My lenses were crushed and one of the arms on the frame broke off and they sent me a new pair for $34 after taxes and shipping. This price was with the glass lens so it could be different for the plastic. Pretty good deal considering I sat on them and broke them.

Nope. They are nearly flawless except for the gum that has worn off, and I do have the glass lenses. Although, $34 for a complete new pair is a pretty good deal. Thankk for the replies.

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I had two pair with the rubber earpieces coming off. I filled out the on-line return authorization and sent them to Costa. They billed me 19 bucks for S&H, and had them back in my hands within 2 weeks after I sent them off.
CDM has always treated me right.

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go to jackson davenport. had that come off twice and both times he fixed them while i was there in and out the door in 5 minutes for free. give danny a visit on king street.

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My Harpoons 580 green color lens are getting like a discoloration on the edges of the lens has anyone else have this problem

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I just had my Fathoms repaired for the same problem. Took them by Jackson Davenport and picked them up the next day no charge!


Had the same thing happen to a pair of Costa Fathoms and Stringers. Danny at Jackson Davenport sent them off for me. Two weeks and 10.00 later I had them back. Both were good as new. Most cases, Danny will do the repairs on the spot but he didn’t have my lense type in stock.

BTW, according to Danny, the discoloration is called delamination.

Well I went to Jackson Davenport in Summerville and all they gave me was a free box to ship them back in. However, I wonder if I my issue was the same as y’all. The rubber stuff came off and is gone. Not like it separated and I had it in my hand. It had worn down to the plastic and is missing about an inch-long piece on each side.

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Same issue. The rubber was gone except for about 1 inch on either side. From what I’ve seen on here it looks like you need to go to the JD on King St.

I always go to the Jackson Davenport downtown. I believe it is at King and Calhoun.

Got a pair of Brines that I have had forever…not sure 6 or 7 years prob. Anyway dropped them in driveway shattering lens, already had rubber wore off arms. Filled out the on-line Auth. & sent them in. About 2 weeks later received brand new pair. Cost me $73.00. Can’t complain abt that!!

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Well I got my Fathom’s back yesterday. It looks like they gave me a complete new pair. The work request in the box said “replaced co-injected temples under wty” and “replaced green mirror glass lens under wty.” I had a minor scratch on one lens and it’s not there. $12.91 for processing. Cost me $5 to ship them there. So $18 and I’ve got a complete new set.

Yes, I’m happy. Yes, I’d buy again.

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I had an older pair of fathoms for 3 years and the rubber arms basically fell apart. was going to send them back to costa but my dumbass left them in the atlanta airport before I had the chance. I now have a 2 year old pair of the man-o-wars that the rubber nosepiece is coming off of. I realize this doesn’t answer your question, but it raises another in my opinion…why does a $200 pair of sunglasses fall apart after a couple years of use? I love my costa’s but thinking they’re overpriced.

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Maybe I need to try the local guy! I have sent mine in for repairs twice for broken lenses. Both times it was around $75. I also had the rubber coming off and I had to pay shipping. It took about two weeks for the whole process, which is why I now have two pairs. They are great glasses, but I have never gotten a “new” pair for $15 like others are talking about. I will visit JD next time to see if they can help.

Originally posted by creekrat186 I realize this doesn't answer your question, but it raises another in my opinion...why does a $200 pair of sunglasses fall apart after a couple years of use? I love my costa's but thinking they're overpriced.

I agree creekrat. It is sucky that $200 glasses need to have warranty work done. But from what I understand, the new glasses with the co-injected temples have a new formula making them less likely to deteriorate. I guess I’ll have to wait 2 years and see.

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