Could use some advice on offshore fishing

I’m coming to Charleston for some kayak fishing at the end of May. I am used to fishing Florida and usually go 1-2 miles offshore and fish with both live and artificial baits by trolling and stopping in certain hot spots, etc.

Any advice on how far offshore and where are some good spots within 15 miles north and south of Charleston? I don’t need to know your personal honey holes but a general area would be appreciated.

Thanks a ton!

Hi - you will be disappointed with Charleston’s offshore action in a kayak. Down in Florida you go 1-2 miles offshore and you are in 250’ of water…here it is much, much shallower. I don’t know if the spanish macks will be in close to the beach in May or not…

Lowcountry Kayak Anglers -

Can’t thank you enough for that post. I’ve always had luck in the Gulf so changing trip to Destin, FL after reading your post and looking further into other forums.

Thanks bro