Couple hours this afternoon

Made it out on the water about 11:00. About an hour before the low tide turns. Went back into Dunn try to catch some shrimp even had a couple bait balls…
Didn’t work out very well. Hit a couple more of my go-to spots.Nothing there either.
looking for a few for bait and maybe enough for supper tonight. Only ended up with a half a dozen medium.
Headed back to some of the creeks just after Bonaparte. First stop 4 cast’s 4 trout. 2 of them came home for dinner…
Missed two more. Out of shrimp. Switched up put a voodoo shrimp on the popping Cork. No takers. Switched up started casting a grub. No takers.

Moved on farther down the creek dragging a couple mullet hoping for a flounder.
Get to my spot drop the Powerball start rolling up my lines to put them back out for a redfish… Reeling up poll pretty heavy feels like a clump of oysters.
Get it up to the boat probably 20-in flounder. He’s just holding on to the mullet. He sees me. Let’s go and just cruises off. 1 little red then headed to the house.
Part of my plan was to stop at Tillman’s on the way home and try to catch some black drum.
But no shrimp…
From my understanding there’s been pretty good bite on slot size black drum.
. Better use heavy gear from what I understand there’s a lot of 30 pounders or better mixed in…

I just don’t understand people.

This was supposed to have been under Little River… need to put my glasses on

Nice fish, some big drum would be fun.
I was planning to go this morning myself but this North wind turned me off.

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