Cow pinssssssss

Heading to the cowpins in the morning. Im coming down from Murrells Inlet. Im hopeing the shrimp are plentiful and of size compared to what ive been seeing around here on M.I.

My brother and I only made it out three times last year and coolerd out 2 of three. The 3rd was 3/4 full so hoping for another great season.

Hope everyone has a great season and be safe out on the water. Any intel would be greatly appreciated.

Last thing. I will return here to report how it went.


Good luck! Hopefully this can get back to what it used to be and there will be plenty of reports.

Take pics.


So we just got back and the skrimps are in THICK! So our plan was to shrimp 1.5 of falling and then a 1.5 of incoming tide. In an 1.5hour we limited out on four pass. The first throws were L then it fell of to M size. Next time we will just do the incoming to go for the larger ones. It was such a beautiful day. Not lots of dolphins and even seen two water spouts. Got a little wet in the afternoon on the ride home.

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That’s the way to start the season! Excellent work yall!

Great report and great to hear!

My thought exactly. Normally it doesn’t turn on for me like this tell the mid seasone. I can relax now and not feel the pressure for the rest on the season now.

Pretty work. Thanks for the report!! One of my best days was a few days after the thousand year flood, showed up to north BB with no expectations and left with a cooler of jumbos!

Not looking for your secret spot since I do all of my shrimping in the Beaufort area but where is Cow Pins? Bulls Bay?

copied from another thread: Cowpens is the northern portion of Cape Romain above MCVL, whole thing is a big open flat with shelter from many directions and high salinity water most times.

I was working in mcclellanville yesterday and talked to a boat that had gotten a cooler up there. said they ran best early ebb and then tapered off, and that the size could be better. still nice to see folks reporting full coolers!