Coyote = 0 Me = 1

My ducks arent on the menu bo, you gotta go.

250 yards with a porchrail rest, lol.


Nice shot, on a small target, at 250 yds!!

When I was younger and had more motivation we would track them in the snow and find the dens. Hard to sneek up on them, but its easy to pattern them now, they are mating and the bitches are in heat.

Then we’d go back in mid May to the dens and the young pups get really active at dusk and easy to wack.

I told a neighbor once that I really like the sound they make,she said “oh, that screaching howl”? I said no, the “splat” sound.

Good times

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How many drinks?

No yotes were hurt during the making of these still frames! Just frozen in time :grinning:

22 Hornet would roll him…


Remmington Model 700


Old School Bushnell Scopechief

On 2nd cup of coffee


I just called PETA.

I was picturing commander length 1911 from the hip with one hell of a holdover

Beautiful, I’ve got an older southpaw BDL in .270 that almost went over in that dang boating accident with all my handguns but I saved it

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All the neighbors in the area are OK with it I suppose

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**** that looks cold

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