Crab bank reports

any luck there yet? i’m headed out there saturday or sunday afternoon to give it a go. i’ll let ya’ll know how it goes

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Yeah, haven’t seen any CB reports.

Absolutely nobody here at the bank. Never seen that before. Either people know something I don’t or I’m gonna cooler out tonight.

Interesting night…
Where we use to set up is way too hard to keep a pole down. we lost the first one. i don’t know if the work to crab bank changed the bottom to harder sand or i’m on crack, but we use to put poles in good mud there.
sooo we moved inward more but still harbor till we found good ground. ended up with 3/4 cooler mixed size, mostly mediums and larges. we went first two passes with 0 shrimp and then they turned on about 30 minutes after dark. we left them there as it was already 10:30 and I needed to get home. two other boats were there, but a little deeper.
DNR stopped by for a quick and cordial check.
All in All it was a good night. will probably go again next weekend.

Oh yea, I lost my jump seat and two buckets on the way home. :face_exhaling: i must have been going too fast. that’s never happened. the cast net was in the buckets and it was dragging the ground and got caught by the cleat. one would think it’s my first rodeo.

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