Crab pots and some fish

I have not had phenomenal success inshore but I took the winter to rethink and revise my approach. Dropped some crab pots behind Sullivan’s Saturday and went to retrieve them today after work during high tide. 10 big blue crabs and a 13 inch flounder were brought up. After icing down the crabs and returning the flounder I tried some fishing. I found a feeder creek near a dock not far away that I knew housed some oyster beds and first cast, bam! 14 inch speckled, I couldn’t believe it. Fished there some more and a few other feeder creeks and eddies. Scored 2 undersize flounder, one would have been a keeper last year. And a foot long blue fish. It was nice to catch fish for a change, and I hope my technique changes continue to pay off.
All caught on white gulp shrimp with chartreuse tail on chartreuse jig head. 2 ft 25# mono leader. (For those who care to know)

Good job, sounds like you might be figuring it out.

Way to go! I’ve been hearing about lots of flatty’s being caught, that’s always good news!

Fishing Nerd

“skilled labor isn’t cheap, cheap labor isn’t skilled”

Maybe that increased size limit is starting to pay off for the flounder fishery

Palm beach 181 whitecap 115merc
Lowe 170 70hp

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This must be the year for Blues. Family and I caught a good few were we have never caught them before. Been hearing several others catching Blues in areas around Beaufort that they haven’t before.

Glad you got to go after work natural.