Crabbing Spot????

We’re coming down for a shortened spring break next week. We’re not bringing the boat or the kayaks but, the wife would like to crab a day or two (she loves crabbing). We are staying on IOP. Is anyone willing to share a spot or two that we can crab from the shore? You can PM me if you want to keep it semi-secret. I can assure you we certainly will not abuse any spot. We normally boat to any crabbing spots but as we will be land-locked this trip…


DF, I’m sure skinneej wouldn’t mind you using his new dock:wink:

Pitt street, old village. Mt pleasant. Good views

Also there’s a good public dock backside of Sullivan s island near the fort

And just what’s wrong with skinneej’s place:question: Mrs. DF, would have a nice private place with a bathroom and kitchen! Everything one could ask for in a crabbing spot:sunglasses: You have to think outside the box, Pod. After all, this is MRS. DF, were talking about:smiley:

Nothing. But I figured we’d let him get settled in before the neighbors figure out what moved in. Don’t wanna shock em yet

Just looking over at his dock when he’s on it, they probably figure that Big Foot, moved in[:0]

“There goes the neighborhood. Edna let’s move”

Am I going to have to separate you guys?

Haven’t heard from Skinnee so not sure his dock is in play.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

There’s enough of us, that we can beat up on him, so it’s in play! Never underestimate the power of a mob:imp: