crabbing with my daddy

Crabbed with my daddy yesterday and as always had a great time. Left the dock to a cool northerly wind and grey overcast skies…the coolness was a nice change and we both hoped that the raiin would hold off and that the crabs had been enjoying the bait daddy had left in the pots:smiley:

first twelve pots left us with a box full of crabs…and most were large…which made us very happy:smiley:

the wood stick daddy has is for pushing crabs around and then measuring them “in the slot” he has cut into it…has to fit point to point…number ones overlap sides

Deal is…I get to pull, dump and bait the pots…and daddy culls(seperates them)…which is a great deal for me as I love to “work” them…but dont like the “getting bit” part of culling…but still often find myself doing a crab jig as they snap at my feet :).I get bit enough emptying them:smiley:…you learn quick to look where you stick your fingers thats for sure!

so usually when its time to cull…daddy will pick a spot…we have a few “usualls”… and stop and cull while I fish…another bonus for me:smiley:
first spot proved to be “holding” a nice school of little reds…who happily ate every shrimp I tossed at them…
heres a fish “tail” or two:smiley: Ive always wondered and marveled at the way they are all different


Penny, you haven’t changed a bit!!! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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What Stonoman said x2!!

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Got a big ole smile on my face too.

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Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing… :slight_smile:

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Unforgetable good times,Great pics.

Penny, You have made my morning. Thanks, Bob

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the little girl in those pictures looks like big trouble

(**(),I don’t think I have ever read one of your post about you being with your daddy that I didn’t get a little watery eyed!!

I felt like I was on the trip with from the great pics and the story telling. I enjoyed that!

Always a pleasure to read.

You really need to put all of this in a book!
Great Stuff! :sunglasses:

Great times and nice sheep to boot too. Cherish every moment you get.

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Enjoyed as usual , Penny . Reminds me of times spent on water with my Dad .


You still have that little girl smile - - and full of the imp, too! :smiley:

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why thanks! hahaha…went crabbing with him again today but since Ive been up since 0330…it will have to wait until tommorow for a post here as sleep calls my name :slight_smile:

miss’n fish’n

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Where you guys at? This is the best post I have read in a long, long time. And my wife where’s that Carolina Girl all the times. Many thanks.

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