Cross Country with My Boy

My youngest just graduated from USC with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and took a job in the Silicon Valley. We decided to drive cross country to get him and his car out there, and it was an incredible trip. When else do you get to spend 6 days alone with one of your kids? Not very often. He was a great travel companion, and besides knowing what day we needed to arrive, we pretty much winged it. Everything went perfectly. I often had range-anxiety out west when we’d see a sign “Next gas 100 mi” and that was an old gold rush town with maybe 2 stations and if you missed them you’re SOL. But we kept the tank full (most we paid was $7.65 /gal on the east side of Yosemite), and we learned that you need to get timed-entry passes to the national parks in advance (oops) but the loophole is you need to get in before 6am and your good to go. Hope you enjoy and that you get a similar chance to make this trip. We live in a beautiful country. Every state has its own character.


That is awesome! What a great way to get to spend some real quality time with your son. I always enjoy spending time with my kids and I believe they enjoy doing so with me and their mom. Time spent being an involved parent is what makes a good kid. You both made memories that neither of you will ever forget.

Looks more like your brother than your son, what a great trip and thanks for the pics. I really enjoyed them

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I second that. I enjoy your posts! Thanks

You’re a blessed man. Great post

Yep you’re very lucky, I spend time with most of my boys when I’m bailing em out.

Thanks guys. Definitely made some life long memories, and I think our relationship is on a whole different level. I’m very fortunate that both boys are now working and living independently, so that makes me and Laurie truly empty nesters now. I’m hoping I’ll have enough time to finally go fishing with 23Sailfish… We’ve been trying to pull it off for years. My usual excuse was coaching track, but I jettisoned that too. Now I’m down to just 3 jobs :slight_smile: Day job, Eye Strike and Release Over 20… All good, I like to stay busy. I’m glad the forum is usable again. I promise to make more posts. Next one will be an update on my Whaler Restoration

Thanks for sharing @Optiker! Time with our children is definitely priceless! Silicon Valley! Wow…that’s very impressive. Well done to you and Laurie!

Way to come back with a splash, Opt! Very cool trip and I bet yall did have a great time. Congratulations on the Graduation as well, I know that’s a proud moment for you guys. :blush:

Nice! Thanks for the pics, and post!!

Now that’s how you do it. I’m so very impressed with fathers that actually take the time to get to know their children and go out of their way to spend quality time with them. There are not enough good fathers around. Dave, I would have loved to have done something like this with my father. This is something that will mean more to him than he can even understand in the years to come. I’m so glad you got to do this with him.

Katie and I have made this journey, although we stayed further south and turned around at the California border. We do indeed have an incredible country and you get to learn so very much when you drive across it.