I’m looking at a boat that has been sitting outside for a year, uncovered. I am lining inspections up, etc… Boat is dirty and needs a serious detail job. The curtains were left on the boat. What condition should I expect these curtains to be in? If there is no way they will be worth anything after a year exposure, then I will simply pass on the boat, as the price with adding curtains no longer makes this viable. I am 8 hours from the boat, so if these are likely toast, then I want to move on before spending any more time on it. If they should be ok with life left, then I will continue.

Probably wanna back out now if curtains are a deal breaker seriously… Set I put on my boat was $400 for t top enclosure and $400 for gull wings

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That’s exactly what I was thinking.

They should be fine though, depending on how they were stored.

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That’s the problem. They weren’t stored. Just on the boat exposed.

That’s probably better than being rolled up wet. Should be fine, really.

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If curtains are a deal breaker then what is the condition of the rest of the boat?! The survey would cost at least that for hull and mechanical…

My curtains stay out on my boat in the slip,they are 9 yrs old and finally show some bad stains ,…after 1 yr they still looked great…

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My curtains were stored outside and lasted for a solid 8-9 years. Depends on the age of the curtains.

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