Cut the Burl off

Been driving past it for long enough. It’s a holly tree, so there we are.

DF was kind enough awhile back when I sent him pics to offer to make something from it.

Anyway, cut it above and below, and there is a hole I stuck most of my finger in on one side. Got lucky with no spider bite…

Probably give to DIL’s father, as he likes to mess with wood. Just slice inch or so slabs?? Open to ideas.

You can cut a slice out of it and have someone turn down a nice ink pen with that burl for the FIL. I hope there’s some beautiful in there! Sure looks promising. Looking forward to some updates.

Looks like a decent size burl. I’d hate to see it sliced up for small stuff when it looks like it could make a nice bowl, etc. Obviously, it is too wet to finish turn anything, but you could rough turn something and then set it aside a while to dry.

You never know what you will get with a burl until you get into it.

Look around the area. Many burls are caused by insects and in my experience a burl could be a sign of many more in the area.

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