Da Show Dog Pack - First on the club board

Managed to hunt the club today (Youngen made me do it) and once again, she had several deer come straight to her and turn back into the drive…she still smells like sharks I guess!!! My trio jumped 1 fawn, 3 does, 1 nice buck, and this Carolina 11-point! Run him straight to my buddy, who got me on the club, and his daughter…after knocking this one down a bigger buck ripped up and crossed just past them so the dove shoot began! He made it across the clear cut as a clean miss. My little dogs put the 1st meat down for the club and everyone stares at The House Dog Choir wishing their big dogs did that instead!!!

nice job. 10 char

Carolina 11 point,lol,I’m gonna remember that one.Way before tracking collars, I had a pack of feist and curs that would follow me anywhere. I would take them to islands and briars that the big dogs would bypass. I can’t walk like that anymore .Another good thing about them little dogs is they’re always back shortly ready for another drive.

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Man, still too dang hot for me to be huntin’.

Nah its never “too hot” for hunting just gotta wear shorts and crocs.

You got that right kid,felt pretty good out there this morning.Been a lot of rattlesnakes killed around here lately,so watch out.The old timer missed one this morning,I ain’t as quick on the draw as I once was.haha Dang big dogs were running him too fast.

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