Dad of the year goes too my dad

This isn’t my normal topic but the caption says it all. I went bass fishing at a pond with a 6 to 7ft gator in it and it ate 2 of my fish in 2 days of fishing it. While I was fishing today i caught a small bass and it broke off and the gator came up and ate my fish. I took a step forward and the gator lunged at me again and i dropped my phone in the pond. Once my dad got home we went to the pond and retrieved my phone back which still works perfectly fine. I did manage to get me dropping my phone in the water on video somehow and i have 1 picture of a bass i caught and another of one in the gators mouth.


Id agree, hes done reel* good

That’s crazy!!

I’ve taught my youngens over the years that you don’t have to be the fastest person in the woods, you just need to be faster than the person you’re with or trip them first to put you in the lead…in this case, just keep them crocs in sport mode at all times!

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Crikey aye! Lol

And yea, we agree. Good stuff yall

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Sounds like the gator had more fun than you, lol???