dash cam

I was in a pretty bad rollover accident this past Sept. where a Jag ran a red light and T boned me and rolled my New 2016 Dodge Rebel. Thank God nobody was injured seriously but both cars were demolished. witnesses confirmed She ran the light but didn’t have enough insurance to cover me. (bare minimum coverage). Had I not had witnesses it could have been her word against mine.
all that to ask what dash cam do you guys have, been looking at Amazon and there are so many out there, I do like the 2 camera option for the back. I don’t need the Go Pro but I don’t want junk either.

Can’t help you with the dash cam but sorry about your wreck and glad you weren’t hurt

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They have 360 car cameras available.

I have the rexing Camera and have been very happy with it. My wife purchased another brand and we are getting something different ones for the work trucks. Honestly I think there is maybe only a couple of different manufacturers that place their cameras in different housings. It seems the all have the same buttons with the same functions, the same noises, the same symbols and so on… Pm me with any questions.

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Go to the Dash Cam Store and take a look at all they offer. Best thing about them is the customer service, support and the high quality equipment. Most items you can download the manual to see just how to operate it before you buy. Stay away from the cheaper cameras.