Daughter Gets Her First Yote...

She got drawn for the Tibwin Plantation Youth Hunt. We hunted this Friday and Saturday afternoons. Didn’t see any Deer…but did see an Alligator cross our field, 3 Gobblers too…and had a Copperhead crawl into our blind with us. Didn’t have to kill it though, since hitting it with a towel was all it took to get him to vacate the blind.

About 20 minutes into our Saturday evening sit, this Yote tried to cross our field. Daughter wasn’t wasting any time getting a shot at him either, she has been wanting a Coyote for a couple of years now.

I stopped him at 70 yards, and she dropped him a second after he stopped. She said she didn’t care if we saw any Deer, she was happy with getting the Coyote…:smiley:

congrats to her and to you for another addition to her long list of memories being made

I am feeling old. It seems like yesterday she was a tiny little thing and now she is becoming a greta young lady. Good job pop

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