Daughter's First Hunt This Season...

And she doubles up. Had two Deer come out at 140 yards, and after 10 minutes one finally turned broadside. DRT with a high shoulder shot.

About 15 minutes later three more came out at 150 yards. 10 minutes later another one made the mistake of turning broadside, it too took a 100 grain Game King hand load from her 243 Win, although this one managed to run into the tree line about 30 yards before dropping.

She was using a set of shooting sticks to brace on…:smiley:

congrats to you and your daughter


That’s what it’s all about! Congrats!

Good job! Great shooting!

You’ve trained her well! It’s awesome to watch the young ones grow up and do well! I’d bet there are not many boys that could hunt or out fish her! Same with this one I’ve gotten to chaperone on a few hunts, fishing trips and races while watching her grow up. I’d dare say the .243 has taken more deer in S.C. than any other caliber.

This one was last week weighed in at 172# and the next night was an even better rack and 190#. This is the first year with a .270 and neck shots for her. Before that is was .243 and shoulder shots.