Daughter's Marsh Hen Hunt...

We hunted Bull’s Bay yesterday morning. I poled the boat mostly and watched her shoot. She nailed the first one to flush, then went hit or miss on the next few until she figure out to let them get a little distance away before shooting. That first one took a few to many pellets from her 20 gauge Wingmaster.

She had a blast, literally, and wants to go again.

She ended up with 11, and missed as many. Had some flush behind us as we passed through some areas, and we just watched them fly off since I had told her not to take shots toward the back of the boat. Made one drift with the wind just before we needed to get out of the shallows, where I got to shoot a few as well.


They remind me of pen raised quail the way the are so hard to get to fly at times. Fun stuff! The ones we got were all full of fat, they must be eating good in the Marsh!

Yep. We got so close to some of them that you could have hit them with a stick before that flew. One Coot almost became collateral damage, when we were poling into a small patch of thicker grass, where a Marsh hen had landed after it flushed the first time. The Coot flushed up out of that grass, but she held off shooting it…then got the Marsh Hen when it flew up.