Daymaker Wins Tred Barta Camp Woody Youth Tourney

Fished out in the Camp Woody Youth Tourney out of G’town. We elected to fish Thursday and Friday due to the variable wind forecast. Thursday we weighed 2 dolphin and 2 Wahoo we caught a total of 8 Dolphin and 2 Wahoo. We also had a total of 5 sails in the spread but failed to get any interest out of 3 and missed the 2 that did light up.

Friday we managed another hand full of Dolphin and 3 BFT along with a Wahoo head as a big shark got the remainder. With 20 minutes left in the tournament the big shadow showed on the short rigger Noah my 12 year old son cranked the bait and the Blue lit up, he missed the bait Noah dropped back and missed again he cranked the bait one more time and the fish turned again he hooked on he the 2nd drop back. Being as he had already caught a Blue he handed the rod to his 13 year old cousin from Georgia and ran up on the bridge to get pictures while it was still jumping. Capt. Mike O’Cain was in the cock pit as Capt Bobby K was at the helm. We backed down for and hour and 45 minutes the second time we got the leader Mike O’Cain man handled the blue to the side of the boat. We released her and she swam off lower jaw to fork 109 inches we guessed her 400 to 450. Michael Krivohlavek was 2nd overall best youth angler. Sam O’Cain, Michael O’Cain and Michael Krivohlavek were 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Tuna Catagory. Garrett Basil was 2nd in the Wahoo Category. And the Daymaker boat was Number one overall.

Thanks for a great weekend Mike and Bobby you guys are awesome will post the pics of the Blue when I get them down loaded.

Awesome! Hope you got a picture of that 13 year old’s grin on the ride back in. Bet he was smiling ear to ear! :smiley:

Mike, congrats on you’re sons Marlin.
Mike sent me the pictures you must have had the pick up bed full with all those trophy’s


" The seas was angry that day, my friend"
George C.

nice days for ya’ll, congrats… i talked to Mike and he told me the blue was a monster. congrats!!!

Great job Bobby and Mike, I love it when little people catch big fish.

You guys did a great job. I thought it ws a fun tournament for all!

Great job on the Blue and congrats on the tournament!

Awesome job and i hope all had as much fun as the adults and children on the Painkiller.