Dead Menhaden in Cooper R

Had a friend say he saw many thousands of dead menhaden in the Cooper yesterday.

Yesterday they were spraying for mosquitoes over the dredge islands by aircraft



anybody know exactly how that spray kills the skeeters? does it actually kill them or just the still water where they lay eggs? is it like a pesticide or something that dries the water up or removes the oxygen from it? I mean, it killed forty eleven million bees a while back, why wouldn’t it kill other insects or animals indiscriminately?

The Morris Island Lighthouse

I would love to know myself. I can tell you a few years ago I was fishing with BOSN and the plane flew over and when that stuff hit our eyes it stung really bad. Glad I already had children!

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Man the helicopter buzzes our house on a regular basis here on Folly …scary stuff!
Do you think the heat could have done it? Too many in one school and hot water?

I’ve never been bitten by a swarm of menhaden but I can’t stand mosquitoes.

No shortage of Menhaden today

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Plane buzzed me at like 630 am Wednesday on the cooper. Not my favorite

I believe the product they spray is a larvacide which interrupts molting. Technically not toxic to fish our humans. Not sure of effects on crustaceans or other insects.

I’m sure something that is designed to kill/disrupt one form of life, is not going to be very good for any other forms of life.

That’s what cracks me up about a lot of these guides around here who go crazy about catch and release. I get it, it’s your job, you need to have a solid amount of fish to supply for your customers demand.

However, I’m willing to bet the majority of these guys do things in their everyday life that affects the health of the environment/ecosystem far more then someone keeping a fish to eat, or even 100 fish to eat.