Decent Day on the Stono 11/22 (pic added)

Had vacation, but went into work for a couple to put out some fires. Rushed home and met my friend at Limehouse at a little past 10. A few tosses of the net and we had 5+ dozen shrimp which is good since we ended up with only about a dozen at the end of the day. Fished the last 2 of the outgoing and about 2.5 hours into the incoming. Outgoing was definitely better. Water clarity was okay for the Stono, but didn’t get any better on the incoming. Docks with live shrimp under a float was the ticket. First cast from my friend was a 25" red and as typical he starts to talk smack about catching fish. I go on a 10-0 run and of course talking trash myself. Total for the day was 30+ reds; I caught 19 myself and my friend wasn’t too far behind. Size was mostly middle slot with a handful of 25-28" fish.

Here’s my friend with the first fish of the day in an Italian sleeper hold

Iain Pelto
Sea Hunt Triton 160 w/ 90 ETEC “JB3”
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Decent day my foot! Sounds like an awesome day! 30+ fish! Great day in my book! Congrats.

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Wow, sounds like a great day! I keep hearing about everyone catching shrimp, I haven’t caught anything near bait worthy, all mine are tiny. I watched 2 women throwing shrimp under corks yesterday and they were hauling in quite a few rats and smaller slots.

Shrimp have moved to the deeper sections (10+ feet) of the creeks or along the dropoffs in the ICW. If you have a good color sounder, look for fuzz (blue fuzz in the case of my Garmin) along the bottom.

Iain Pelto
Sea Hunt Triton 160 w/ 90 ETEC “JB3”
Native Manta Ray 14

Good tip, thanks. Didn’t have one on my kayak yesterday.

Good day off work. Nice tip. Problem is I have a B & W on the j baot.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Nice job!