Deep Trolling

Anybody ever deep troll the main channels at low tide for trout? I caught a trout that didn’t fit in a gallon freezer bag in about 20 feet on an electric chicken red jig head. One…

Freak occurrence or am I wasting my time?

Also, there are gobs of 1"1/2 frye shrimps in the creeks. Is this a second hatch? I can’t remember seeing this size shrimps in October.

Pics or it didn’t happen…LOL

There is definitely an abundance of shrimp from less than an inch to 5 inches up and down the Cooper although it doesn’t seem a bit late for the baby hardbacks this time of year now that you mention it. Maybe someone has a better answer for ya!

Fishing Nerd

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You will never catch Trout trolling or in deep water!!!:wink: