Deli 4/30

Left the Port Royal Sands at 3:30 to run into a nice 3 degree temperature break around 250 and deployed the spread on a big slick. Not much longer we found a nice honey hole where Mahi were free jumping and we quickly added some meat to the box. Had 15 nice Mahi by 11:30 after a fire drill with a triple but missed the quad. Slow picking after that until we thought we saw a floating tree. Turned out to be a huge hammerhead. Pulled in the lines and decided to try a few live bottom drops to manage some red porgies and a trigger. Highlight was when the tax man showed up only to be trumped over by the bigger tax man. Out of the blue a huge shark tail whips the current shark top water…circles back around so fast it creates a mini whirlpool and bites it in half with the line. Looked to be at least a 12 foot Thresher but could be mistaken. Good fish story if anything. Ended the day with 18 Mahi, Trigger 4 Red Porgies. Biggest 2 at 25 Pounds rest gaffers with a slinger.

Nice !

I heard another report of a big thresher taking a dolphin off a line Friday