deli in am

We are headed out to the deli in the am. Will be on Vhf 16 /68 . In search of the elusive wahoo. Plan on HST from R8 to the Deli. Will be happy to share of any activity.anyone else headed out? Good luck

We are planning on heading out as well, weather looks iffy, but maybe should be settling or getting better as the day goes on. Thoughts on the ride out?

225 Triton SH

Yes, wind blew up last night and the buoy is 3.5 ft.I doubt we will go today but maybe leave around 11am if big change occurs. Otherwise, possibly tomorrow.

That’s a pretty smart call this morning…that wouldn’t have been much fun.

I’ll probably be around edisto banks tomorrow morning. VHF68 “Pelagic Predator”

Paul Alewine

Seahunter 37 trip 300 Vrods
Augusta,Ga/Beaufort, Sc