Dem Boys - Sunday Blue Marlin Release

Great time had on the Dem Boys Sunday. Thanks Tommy Hancock and Capt. Reid Bost. It’s awesome to watch Jay training Joe (14 years old) on how to properly wire a blue marlin. All the while he has a hold of him with a safety cutting tool in hand. Pretty work!

That’s awesome!

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Whoever put the vid together did a fantastic job. The kid will never quit talking about that.

It ain’t no mystery…this beer’s history!

Cool video, and congrats on the blue!!!

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

Reid is a fish catching machine. I have had the pleasure to fish with him a few times and it’s always impressive to see him in action.


“Good things come to those who bait”

Nice blue, cool video!!

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Awesome video! I felt like I was there

thank you — GoPro, Nikon and Mac iMovie make it all come together! I combine the still pics with the GoPro video.

Tight Lines,
Dennis C.

Top notch production. Congrats on the blue

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Reid is my uncle. I’ve been watching / hearing about him my whole life. He’s a bad A$$

Awesome video, great job

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Chasin Tail

Really nice job,congratulations on the blue and-thanks for sharing the video it was great!!!

He is wise to listen to Jay he will learn alot.

Dude! That was freakin awesome! Thanks for sharing

Awesome, just friggin awesome!

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Great video!!

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!


Yes, the video was from a GoPro Hero 2. I can’t wait to upgrade to the Hero 3 Black edition very soon!

Tight Lines,
Dennis C.

Start to finish, excellent!

Umm, you gonna eat that?

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