Due to work schedules and weather it has been a while since daddy and I have had a chance to go gigging . Plans were to go Sunday night. Boy did we not realize how many obstacles we would face to be able to go!
Daddy cranked the motor on the little boat as well as the generator on saturday…just to make sure they would run. I told him Id be there Sunday afternoon around 4pm so we could load up…we could hit the water around five-ish and throw the net a little bit for some shrimp…then set up where we wanted to gig and wait for dark to roll in. Plan seemed pretty good…until…Sunday afternoon came.
Weather changed from 5-10 mph to 10-15 with promise of gusts and possible heavy showers. Daddy called from gtown and said it was raining there…but to come on…and we “would see and hope it didnt come that way”
Realized half way there that I had left my tennis shoes and bug spray sitting on the step…and realized the rain coat on the seat beside me was yellow…'naner yellow:face_with_head_bandage:. 10 minutes further down the road…the sky opens up…but only for about 15 minutes. wheww. Pull up in the yard to find daddy sorting things out. Looking for oil…realized he had loaned his last to my brother n law…called and asked if he could “re-loan” it back as no where open had it in the village. Oil in hand…or rather container…we go get gas. Tanks in boat…hook it up. Generator filled and put in boat. Decide to try them both again…just to be safe…generator wont start…choke problem…no…the generator…not us:smiley:…fix that…runs good…plug in lights…one wont work…the other blows and blows so bad the glass cover over bulb shatters too! Hunt down our old metal one and a bulb…and we are back up to three lights. water muff to motor…pull…pulll…puulll…:yawning_face: do you smell gas? off comes the cover…:dizzy_face: gas hose to carb dry rotted and cracked…30 minutes looking for tubing that would work…never could find anything and besides…plugs also flooded by that time. Skeeters are steady feeding on us as if we are their idea of

Nice fishes always glad to read your post

Bragging may not bring happiness,
but no man having caught a large fish,
goes home through the alley.

Those are the kind of trips that one remembers forever for sure and make the best memories! One lucky and blessed family for sure!:slight_smile:

Russ B.
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That was some serious determination! Rewarded… Nice story, pics, and fish. Thx

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Nice Fish!

Nice fish! I’m still trying to figure out where to gig - I’ve only been twice and haven’t seen anything so far… any help you could give?

We like to push along oyster banks in shallow shallow water…sandy Shelly works well too. Occasionally we drift past patches of mud…and see a few there too…but it’s hard to retrieve them in the pluff mudd at times. Best places for us in our area is the lower shell banks…and always look extra hard around the drains you pass as they love to hangout there. I love gigging…generator is nice but I still like the old school battery and lights trip…the quietness is part of the beauty of being out there. CaptEd on here makes some awesome gig heads…I now have two of them! Thanks Ed! You want to be somewhere too where the water is calmer…good luck to you!

miss’n fish’n

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ive seen that boatchases car before… if i remember correcty its some sort of novel that someone wrote and advertised on a car… lol

“mr keys”

nice post, pictures and fish!! congrats. i have days like those as well, just not that bad haha

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Thanks for calling always nice to yak with good friends.Donnie you can now walk in my garages .Scary right? LOL


Determination pays off in slabs!! I love the story tellin’ as much or more than pics…well maybe :wink: