Device to read NMEA 2000 data

Does anyone know if a consumer device exist that would allow you to read the number of hours on an engine with a NMEA2000 port? I am sure outboard mechanics have something. The only way I can see that its possible is to connect a fisher finder with a NMEA2000 port…

I don’t know but if you fond out, please post it on this thread. Been looking for the same thing myself.


I am not finding anything other than something for Mercury called VesselView for $250…I think I can build something cheaper.

Mark Ingle 1660 SeaArk w/ 50HP Tohatsu ....Engineered to fish!!!

Interested as well, found this on Amazon, creates its own WiFi network that you connect a device to (pc, iPad, phone etc) to see all the nmea traffic. Anyone have first hand experience with it?

I havent used one of the those but I have seen them on yachts mostly. The problem with them is you also need a NMEA network cable. The network cables require T connections and terminators. You would easily spend ~$60 in cables and fittings.

My thought is that you should be able plug something directly into the NMEA port on the motor. The cables are only needed if you have other NMEA devices.

Mark Ingle 1660 SeaArk w/ 50HP Tohatsu ....Engineered to fish!!!