Diversion Canal...

Drifted a few hours this morning for Cats. Daughter was worn out after fighting most of her fish with her drag locked down, using 40 lb braid. She was having a regular Tug Of War with every fish and almost lost her rod twice. I finally figured out her problem and backed her drag off a little. She caught a few more then said she had had enough.

Kept 14 for some friends, and released as many others.

Good current for drifting too.

Thanks for sharing and looks like you’ve got quite a fishing partner!

Philippians 4:13

Pioneer 197SF

She’s growing up!!! Nice catch!

My daughter Just took her two horses to her new home along with her favorite chickens. Life goes by fast. :smiley: No doubt you have made many memories and a life time of good ethics.

Very nice! I’m trading the beach for the lake this weekend. If you don’t mind me asking. What kind of bait were you using?

Half a medium size Shrimp and a strip of Chicken skin together. I cut the Chicken skin about 3/4 inch by 4 inch, fold in half and hook once through the fold, so it flaps in the current.

Need to use a rig with the sinker a foot below the hook ( Guppy Rig ) and stay in contact with the bottom as you drift.

We were fishing the Diversion Canal.

Thank you sir