Diving the Commanche 1/29 -- pictures and video

I went diving today on the Commanche and saw plenty of fish but only shot them with a camera. I wasn’t fast enough to catch a shot of the little tuny that were tearing up the sardines. The fuzzy things in the pipes are medium sized eels and there are also a few pictures of some gag groupers in there too. There were a few very large gag grouper inside the hull of the ship and I could get pretty close but as soon as I paid attention to them (such as aiming a camera), they were out.
After the first dive we were pretty chilled so we decided to catch our black sea bass and head back.

I almost forgot to mention, we could see the bridge 23 miles from the mouth of the jetties. That’s about the farthest I have seen it before.

Video now online

Small gag grouper. The big ones were camera shy.

Sardines anyone?


Nice pics.

Thanks, Jordan, for the report!

I can’t wait to get back out on the pond, even if I didn’t bring much home. I am having withdrawals…:smiley:

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awesome pics. thanks for sharing. no wonder my sounder shows the ship fuzzy with all those sardines. amazing we can catch grouper at all with so much live bait and their proclivity for fortress residences.

My last seabass trip they were all full of little vermillion so I’m wondering if yours were eating as well as mine.


Thanks for sharing those awesome pics!

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Really Cool! Can’t wait to see the vid.

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Jordan that second shot with all those Spades is amazing. Thanks for posting these shots. It’s just too bad we don’t have any fish down there anymore.:wink::stuck_out_tongue: Thank goodness they are closing off catching what little seems to be left down there.:angry:

The amount of bait is amazing.
Nice job.

Cool video. What kind of camera were you using?

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!

awesome video! That’s a whole lot of bait!!!

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my boat won’t even run without fried chicken and cold beer

Nice pics and video.

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Cool video. What kind of camera were you using?

Canon SD870IS with a Canon under water housing rated to 130’. Most of the pictures don’t have flash because even with the diffuser, the plankton ruin the shot. Using the under water scene setting is very helpful in getting good shots.

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Amazing pictures and video,and very clear!Thanks for sharing


LOVE the picture of the spades with the AJ in it. I did not know the spades were still around.


And the video is amazing!


Did you see any Great Whites?

that was awesome! thanks for sharing, both of yall =)

Very cool, really enjoyed the video

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Originally posted by Girldawg

LOVE the picture of the spades with the AJ in it. I did not know the spades were still around.

They don't really ever leave. They might not be on the nearshore reefs until April or so, but they are on the live bottoms and deeper wrecks year round.


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