Do I need Tax Stamp to

purchase/place a new AR upper on an existing AR lower M-4 , with the new barrel length of 12"??

I’ve been told yes unless on pistol lower with brace. WTH??

Don’t think I’ll pull the trigger on the shorter barrel, pay $200, and wait for months if that’s the case.

Thanks in advance for replies, to keep me legal.


You’re bonafide

I’d rather spend the $200 on a suppressor………………………………….which I am just about to do.

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I would just get another lower. A lot of good options out there for braces. Either fixed or adjustable.

Your best bet if you get a silencer / suppressor go through silencer co. I didn't last time and I'm going on a year now..
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22 life’s a day

Ordered lower from PSA!


Wanna do that as well, Doug.

Not sure which one to get…Will be for AR in 556.

Edit to say; sound reduction is nice, but need for an AR with Night Vision. That flash will screw ya up for a bit.

Any info appreciated. Want quality.


I’m getting one for 9mm platforms right now but, 5.56 and .22 is on my list. I’ll let you know when I start my research on one for 5,56. I hear ya on the flash suppression, NV is no good if you are blinding yourself with muzzle flash. Haven’t done any real research on flash suppressors but, I am sure you can find a wealth of info on the net, pairing up a good NV scope and a flash suppressor.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

I’m with Dfreedom on the money for a suppressor. Any we’ve tried a few on the .556 it is helpful, but still gonna want to use ear muffs for a bunch of shooting. From cheap to high quality, Sound deadening pretty close to the same. in the Ar platform the 300 with sub sonics really benefits from a suppressor. As for the best bang for your buck the .22 with sub sonics is less noise than a pellet rifle. With regular rounds if in an open area is very quiet, but if shooting into trees or around structure it can get a little noisy. I’ve notice that with my 10/22 some brands of sub sonics will not cycle, so be aware of that.

This adapter just slips over the barrel of a 10/22 letting you still use the sight. Then I’ve been told you can get a solvent trap to screw on it to help clean the barrel. Just don’t drill a hole in the end of said solvent trap, unless you have a license for it. The Solvent traps even come with baffles.

Can’t help on the flash suppressor. Let us know what you find. I’m sure doing some night hog or coyote hunting it would be a big benefit.