Do y'all believe in using Dove decoys?

Gonna have a couple acres plus planted for doves and couple poles in ground a couple hundred feet apart with wire 25 to 30’ high for them to roost/land on.

So decoys ya think??

Thanks in advance!

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First time I used them, on a wire, they worked great, for a couple of days.

Then, went missing?

Found them in the field, with their eyes pecked out.

Red Tails must have been pissed!


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They’re effective if you want them to come to a particular spot like for a handicapped shooter but otherwise not necessary, doves are coming for the meal but will sit on a wire if it’s good and taught. They like leafless tall trees too

We used cheap 6-8 lb monofilament just toss it over with a little weight on the rod cut up some old wire clothes hangers with a hook bent in the top part to tie the line, the decoy actually hangs with the wire on its back but never bothered the doves

Good luck!

I like your reply and not wasting money on decoys.


Yes, yes I do believe in decoys. Exhibits A, B, C and D in the case for decoying doves.

These photos were taken by my wife on a hunt last year. I love the one of the dove landing in the tree next to the decoy.

Decoys will give you more shots, better shots, way fewer misses and fewer, if any, lost birds. The spinners will pull in birds from far away as well as bring birds closer.

I run two spinners and put out about 10 decoys. Two minutes to set up. Never leave the decoys out, they will stop working. The dove spinners and decoys are not expensive.

Great fun and tasty too.

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