Do you keep a Fishing Log Book?

2011/2012 Log Book Said:

My February favorite is the Z-Man black/gold flake Streak Z curly or paddle tail.

Capt Dave

I’ve tried to keep a logbook but I end up misplacing it or just forgetting to update it…

No. I just ask other people what they’re fishing with when I’m at the landing if I don’t know.

Love those Malibu Kayaks, by the way.

Semper Fi
18’ Sterling
115 Yamaha
Big Ugly Homemade Blue Push Pole

Dont keep a log, but been meaning to start.

While this post primarily seems to be [another] product promotion, i appreciate the fact that you at least tempered the blow with some useful winter redfishing info.

I started a logbook in 2002 when I bought my pungo and just before my new motorboat. I’m not gonna say it made me a so much better fisherman, but Its really fun looking back and checking your memory. There is a lot of guys and gals on this board that are named with what we did and caught.
Most all entries are only a paragraph…
Next to my Dads old truck its my most valuable item.

yes. it doesn’t always get done but it’s a big help