Dock Fungus in the Lowcountry

Attn: Dock Owners</font id=“red”>

There is a new fungus that has entered our waters and is attacking CCA wood used in the construction of your dock. Unfortunately without proper prevention and treatment this will lead to premature failure of you dock pilings and retaining walls. To see if this is affecting you please go to

Russ B.
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if you are not just a scam artist spamming the site- please explain to the members exactly what fungus attacks your pilings and exactly how you will stop this fungus.

please remember that there are marine construction pro’s that are members that will call BS at the first sign of BS.

awaiting your response.

Jeff Davis is my President

Bad Habit, No problem go to and click on dock fungus solutions next click on Dock Fungus Infection-Comprehesive discussion. This will address your any questions or doubts you might have.

Shane Logsdon
Lowcountry Dock Repair